Frequently Asked Questions

Why is EVLP not used more often?
EVLP is a new technology and the costs of using the equipment and research are high. It has proven to work but needs more research to optimize its use.

Why are lung transplants in Alberta only done in Edmonton?
Many years ago, it was decided to concentrate Alberta’s medical resources for organ transplants in Edmonton. This allows optimal use of expertise and infrastructure to ensure the best possible outcome for patients.

Have lung transplant wait times improved over time?
The wait time has essentially been unchanged over the last 16 years.

How large is the Edmonton catchment area?
The catchment area for the Alberta Transplant Institute is 6 million square kilometers and is the largest in North America and Europe.  This catchment area includes patients in Alberta, BC, the Prairies and Northern Territories needing a lung transplant.


“Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion (“EVLP”) is a major advancement in lung transplantation and refinement of this proven technology will save many lives.”

Dr. Richard Fedorak
Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry,
University of Alberta

EVLP is a major turning point in lung transplantation. It allows the transplant team to treat lungs once on site and access lungs from much farther distances.

In Alberta only 8% of people are registered for organ donation.
The primary limiting factor for lung transplantation is lack of usable lungs.

Less than 30 % of donated lungs are usable.
EVLP can dramatically increase the number of usable lungs to as high as 50%.