“Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion is a major advancement in lung transplantation and refinement of this proven technology will save many lives” 

Dr. Richard Fedorak
Dean- Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry,
University of Alberta


Ex vivo
lung perfusion (EVLP) is a major turning point in lung transplantation.

In Alberta, only 8% of people are registered for organ donation.

The primary limiting factor for lung transplantation is lack of usable lungs.

number of lungs offered
Graph Source: A review of the Alberta lung transplant program 1986-2015. All other graphs and charts are from this source unless otherwise designated.

Less than 30 % of donated lungs are usable.

lung evlp

The EVLP can dramatically increase the number of usable lungs to as high as 50%. EVLP can treat lungs previously considered unusable turning them into safe fully functioning usable lungs. EVLP can allow much longer transportation times increasing the number of usable lungs. Typically, when transporting lungs on ice, a maximum of 6 hours outside the body is preferred but with EVLP the U of A surgeons have successfully transplanted lungs that were supported for as long as 17 hours outside the body and from as far away as Quebec.



Ross and Catherine Kobayashi have established this fund to help others who who are suffering from lung disease. Ross dealt with Pulmonary Fibrosis for 6 years prior to receiving EVLP treated lungs in 2017.

Our goal is to raise $1 million to optimize use of this groundbreaking technology. The fund has already been seeded with $100 thousand.

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This revolutionary technology saves lives!
Funds support a proven world class medical and research team 
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